3 Ways to Prepare Your Meat in Advance

3 Ways to Prepare Your Meat in Advance

November 03, 2017

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Do you have your own meal plan? Are you an enthusiastic follower of a meal plan but are wondering how to prepare your meat products? Preparing your meat in advance could save you a lot of time and doesn’t always mean you need to freeze your meals. If you find yourself stuck, we’ll teach how to prepare your meat in advance.

Problems Following a Meal Plan:

As you know, having a meal plan could save one a lot of time. However, due to many unexpected events, we tend not to stick to our plans. such as an unexpected trip or any kind of tardiness. During situations like these, we tend to go for the fastest meal available. Most of the time we often fail to stick to a meal plan due to all the energy and time that go into it. Preparing meat ahead of time is completely advantageous, especially when unexpected things tend to happen.

Meat Preparation Strategies

The three strategies most used to prepare your meat in advance would include:

1. Marinate (Rub): This strategy is regarded as the simplest strategy to prep your meat in advance. All it requires is to rub spices on your meat or to marinate it in a sauce over a period of time. To prepare your meat before marinating it, you cut the meat on your favorite Butcher Block before wrapping it (in cases of using rubs) or letting it sit in a bag filled with sauce overnight.

2. Thawing: If you cut your meat ahead of time and then freeze it, your meal prep would only include  thawing it before it comes time to make your meal. Two ways to thaw meat include placing your meat in the fridge a day before you wish to use it, or place the meat (completely wrapped or sealed airtight) in a bowl of hot water.

3. Cook/Brown: Once cooked, meat can keep for up to 4 days in the refrigerator, making the preparation of any meal a breeze if the meat is already cooked. Methods of reheating this cooked meat could include heating in the oven, in a frying pan, on the grill or even in the microwave.

With the easy-to-follow strategies above, you can now start preparing your meals in advance. All that’s left to do is chop the vegetables on your Butcher Block. If you don’t already own a Butcher Block Cutting Board, come select your favorite model today