6 Best Kept Chef Secrets

6 Best Kept Chef Secrets

January 21, 2021

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These six tricks that we have prepared for you are very simple, but they will make your life easier and allow you to make sophisticated and professional dishes. There are many techniques that you can use at home to improve your cooking, and these are the 6 most important things that professional chefs do to make their food taste so good.


Cooking on High Heat

Most people are afraid of a strong fire for fear of overcooking the dish, but if you want the perfect texture, you need to turn up the heat. With a perfect steak, there is no crisped crust if you do not increase the heat. It's the same with cooking vegetables - if you cook them on low heat for a long time, they will become soft and mushy. When you throw vegetables in boiling water and cook them only briefly, they will be perfectly cooked but still have their signature crunch.


Onions and more onions

Onions are one of the least valued vegetables outside of a professional kitchen. Anthony Burden, one of the most famous television chefs, wrote in his book "Kitchen Dossier" that about 9kg of onions are consumed in his restaurant a day and that it is famously used to improve the taste of any dish.


Cut to the same size

Chopping all of your ingredients into the same pieces is not important because of the beautiful appearance, but because then all the ingredients will be cooked at the same time. It takes time to practice your chopping technique, but when you master it, you cut the time to prepare the ingredients in half.


Check before serving

Never even think of serving your food before you have even tried it, Nixon says. If the taste is milder, add a little salt and pepper. It sounds like a simple trick but can lead to your success.


Invest in the right accessories

When your meal fails, the problem is not in you but in your kitchen. You don't have to spend a lot of money, but it's worth investing in a few basic, high-quality things like a professional knife or a cast-iron skillet.


Prepare all ingredients in advance

Great cooks make sure everything is ready before cooking. This way, cooking will run quickly and without problems, thus reducing the risk of accidents.


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