The Difference Between a Butcher Block Board and a Cutting Board

The Difference Between a Butcher Block Board and a Cutting Board

January 12, 2020

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You don’t need to be a professional in order to want the right tools in the kitchen. Having the appropriate cutting tools can make prepping and cooking easier! Cutting boards and butcher block boards are some of those supplies you should know the difference of to be able to create those perfect cuts while preserving the life of your knives.

Roles of the Different Boards

It’s the board’s weight that often determines the functionality. Boards used every day in the kitchen for slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables are generally cutting boards. Heavier wooden boards are often more appropriate for cutting meat, including deboning and filleting. These are the butcher block boards. A butcher block needs to be heavier so it will not slide or have the risk of meat falling off.

Butcher Blocks vs Cutting Boards

It’s not just the board’s function that determine if it’s a butcher block or cutting board. One big detail between the two is the type of grain. End grain is for butcher block boards. They are at least 1.5” thick and has a surface area of at least 12” x 12”, big enough for cuts of meat. They’re also identifiable by their checkerboard pattern.

Edge grain boards are often the choice for home cutting boards. They are made by strips of hard wood rather than blocks and are thinner than end grain. With this type of board, you are cutting through fibers, which can have an effect on your knives in the long run but can still be a good economical choice of cutting board.

Why You Should Invest in a Butcher Block

There are several reasons why you should choose butcher blocks. One of them is the fact that it is easier on your knives since you cut between fibers and not through them. End grain has also been described as “self-healing,” meaning over time the cuts can close up a bit. They therefore last quite a long time without showing the cuts.

Our butcher block boards are not only functional, helping create smooth cuts, but they’re also a gorgeous addition to any kitchen, coming in maple, cherry and walnut. At Butcher Block Boards, there’s something to suit all kitchen styles.