The Difference Between End Grain and Edge Grain Butcher Blocks

The Difference Between End Grain and Edge Grain Butcher Blocks

February 04, 2020

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If you’ve invested in a top of the range knife set, you will want to make sure they keep their quality for as long as possible. One way of ensuring your knives keep their amazing sharpness is with the right cutting board. While you may think the type of cutting board shouldn’t matter, truth is if you’re not using an appropriate one, then your knives can dull quite quickly. Two types of cutting boards that are most frequently recommended to keep your knives in pristine condition are end grain and edge grain cutting boards. But what is the difference between these two types of wood cutting board, and which one is right for you? Our guide will help you learn more to be able to pick out the right one for you.

End Grain Butcher Block

End grain boards are noticeable due to the apparent tree rings in the board. Several small pieces of wood are put together, often creating a checkerboard pattern.

End grain is the best choice for your knife’s edge. This is because with end grain, you are cutting between the wood fibers, not through them. It also does not show the cuts into the board as easily as others.

Edge Grain Butcher Block

Edge grain, also known as long grain or face grain, is the economical choice of boards. They are still of great quality though. These boards are made with strips of wood that have been put together, leaving you with the edge of each strip put together as your cutting surface. The biggest difference the edge grain cutting boards has is that you can see the cuts and scratches after long-term use.

Two Types of Quality Butcher Blocks

Both edge grain and end grain butcher blocks are of great quality and will last with regular cleaning and oil. If are a serious cook in the kitchen, then an end grain will be the obvious choice. Those who do not use their cutting boards often should opt for the cheaper edge grain board. However, if you are a butcher, we recommend an edge grain cutting board. This is due to the nature of the job, with butchers frequently needing to sharpen their knives anyways.

Whether you prefer edge or end grain, Butcher Block Boards has a variety of cutting boards to choose from. Visit our page, and have a look at our large selection to find the one that’s right for you and your kitchen or butchers workspace.