How Beeswax & Mineral Oil Will Help Your Butcher Block

How Beeswax & Mineral Oil Will Help Your Butcher Block

December 19, 2019

How Beeswax & Mineral Oil Will Help Your Butcher Block

A “good as new” look for your butcher block doesn’t have to involve the hours of sanding that could lead to headaches just so that you could strengthen its surface. By simply using the food-safe oils or other options that we will share with you below in our article you will be able to restore the surface of your block without any problems at all, so now when we got your attention, let’s start!

Food-Safe Mineral Oils

Food safe mineral oil is highly recommended for your regular maintenance and it will help make the surface of your block to remain in the best possible shape. But you should know that if you apply it repeatedly on the already damaged block, it won’t help you repair or restore its previous look. If your block has a layer of varnish or polyurethane, then you should sand it before applying the oil because mineral oils can’t reach the surface well on them unless they are sanded properly. 


Conditioners for Butcher Blocks

For the best possible outcome, you should try a conditioner that contains a combination of both beeswax and mineral oil. The reason why you should follow this procedure is because the beeswax will fill in the gaps or even small cracks that are made either because of the age of your butcher block or simply of over-usage. The beeswax will help in further prevention of drying and cracking of your butcher block. 


Note: Make sure to gently sand the countertops before applying the wax for the first time. 


Applying the Mineral Oil on your Butcher Block Countertops

In order to properly apply the Mineral oil on your butcher block countertops, you will need clean dry cloth and a Food Safe Mineral oil.


  1. 1.         First, you should remove any type of stains by cleaning the countertop surface of your butcher block. 
  2. 2.         Once you have cleaned and dried your countertop well, then you should apply the first layer of food-safe mineral oil on your block, once the oil is applied, use the clean cloth to equally cover the surface of your block, wait for 30 minutes and then perform the second application. 
  3. 3.         After the second layer has been applied, wait for an additional 30 minutes and then wipe your block with a clean cloth. 




Applying the conditioners on your Butcher Block

For the proper application of conditioner on your butcher board, you will need again clean and dry clothes, sandpaper and, of course, butcher block conditioner.


  1. Start by removing any type of stains by cleaning the countertop surface of your butcher block. 
  2. Before applying the conditioner on your block, make sure to sand it gently, especially if your conditioner contains beeswax. 
  3. For any additional applications, make sure to follow the directions that are labelled on your conditioner. 
  4. Once you have followed the steps above, follow the soaking method that usually takes around 30 minutes, once it passed, use the clean cloth to wipe off the rest of the conditioner off of your butcher block. 


By following our steps above, without any problems you will keep your butcher block countertop in as good as new condition.