How to De-Bone Meat Like a Pro

How to De-Bone Meat Like a Pro

December 01, 2017

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Turkey, chicken legs and fish are all great for your health, but their bones can get in the way of seemingly easy preparation and eating. Learn how to prep these meats easily with these simple techniques on how to de-bone your meat like a pro.

Holiday Turkeys

Start by removing the neck and giblets of your cooked turkey. Using a boning knife and a sturdy butcher block, remove the backbone then use the tip of the knife to remove the skin. Sever the wing joint and slice through the cartilage. Separate the meat at the part in the ribs and continue to the joint area.

Next, locate the upper thigh joint connected to the breast. Pull it downwards in order to break the joint. Remove the bone from the thigh and leave the lower leg. Repeat this process on the other half of the turkey.  

Simple Chicken Legs

First, place your prominent thumb on the joint while moving the thigh bone with your other hand to find the optimal place for cutting. With the use of a paring or boning knife, slice your way through the joint. Set the drumstick aside and continue to remove the skin and the fat off the thigh.

Place the thigh on your butcher block board so that the rough side of the meat is facing up. Look for the bone and slice along its length. With the use of short flicking motions, expose the thigh bone. Place one hand on the exposed end and use the other one to remove the bone. Proceed to make short, yet firm, hacks to finally separate the meat from the bone. 

Delicious Fish

Place the fish with its skin in contact with the your butcher block. Hold the fish tail in place with paper towel or salted fingers. Use a thin, bladed knife and cut through the tail base; making sure to hold the separated fish skin as you continue slicing. Feel the surface of the fillet for bones and use tweezers or pliers to remove said bones.

Two things are needed for successful de-boning: a good knife and an even better butcher block. For this purpose, Butcher Block Boards are your best options. Made from thick strips of wood, they are best for cutting, slicing and de-boning meat. Truly versatile, they can also be used for other kitchen activities.