The Importance of a Juice Groove

The Importance of a Juice Groove

August 27, 2018

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Meat usually makes for the centerpiece of a meal on any special occasion. All eyes are on the tender and mouth-watering cut. Juices are released and can flow straight onto your fancy table runner. Save yourself from this frustrating experience by bringing home a butcher block board with a juice groove.

Why a Butcher Block with a Juice Groove?

Is your kitchen counter always messy when you finish using your butcher block board? Does a 2-minute cutting job result in a lengthy mess-clearing job afterwards instead? Try this super-clever hack. Use a cutting board with juice groove. With inbuilt grooves, this simple butcher block board would confine all the spills of your food items in its channels.

Benefits and Types

You may think that cleaning a plain, flat cutting board is easy. But in reality, only cleaning the board alone is easy. The mess created in the surrounding area, not so much! Did you know that the juices that excrete when you cut raw meat can spread diseases? Any place that they touch must be cleaned properly to prevent contamination. This is why it’s a good idea to switch to a wood cutting board with a juice groove.

Large Butcher Block Boards

Investing in this may be the best choice for larger families or those who prefer to cook fresh meals regularly. A large butcher block with a juice groove will only add to the beauty of your kitchen space. Chic and appealing, these boards make excellent large serving boards for formal parties. From freshly-baked breads to cheeses and barbecued meat and poultry, you can serve just about anything on a large cutting board with juice grooves and avoid any spills.

Small Butcher Block Boards:

If you take pride in being a special occasion chef, then a small butcher block board with a juice groove may be the right choice for you. Short of storage space or don’t want to handle anything too bulky? There are many selections to help fit your needs.

Make the Most of Your Butcher Block Boards

The quality of meat is determined by two main factors; juiciness & tenderness. These depend on the cut of meat you choose and how long you cook it for. The more you cook it, the more liquid it loses and becomes tough and harder to chew. When choosing a cut of meat, remember that the more a muscle used, the tougher it becomes and thus taking longer to cook.

Other important features are the age of the animal at the time of slaughter, the amount of fat and collagen on the meat and if a brining technique is used.

Having a basic understanding of the types of meat and how to cook it can help you to select the right one. Go for the cut that would bring out the best flavours in your chosen recipe. Whatever cut you choose, never worry again about juicy spills with the amazing addition of a juice groove to your hardwood butcher block. Visit our products to choose your favorite design and model today.