Why Butcher Block Boards make Incredible Presents

Why Butcher Block Boards make Incredible Presents

November 01, 2019

Why Butcher Block Boards make Incredible Presents

Many will attest to the fact that chefs are some of the hardest people to give gifts too as it seems like they already have it all. Thinking about giving a knife? Most chefs have the set the prefer in their kitchen already. A recipe book perhaps? They probably know more recipes off the top of their head than what’s in that book. If you’ve exhausted all your options, then you might want to try gifting them a hardwood butcher block board instead.

A butcher block isn’t just any ordinary cutting board found in a kitchen. It’s a high-quality and sturdy wood board that fits perfectly on countertop surfaces and could be used in an assortment of ways. What are the benefits of high-quality butcher blocks and what makes them the ideal gift for chefs?

The Benefits of a Butcher Block


Butcher blocks are versatile surfaces. They can withstand the weight of heavy-duty kitchen equipment and they can be used as a surface for prepping and cutting ingredients as well.

Eco-Friendly meets Functionality

They are made from reclaimed wood, making it the perfect gift for chefs who are environmentally conscious.


A butcher block can add a simple yet stylistic flair to any kitchen. For chefs that want a modern appeal to their kitchen, a butcher block is what they need.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike cutting boards made of glass, plastic and marble, hardwood butcher blocks are very easy to maintain. All you need to do is wipe it down with soap and water after every use, protect your board frequently with a conditioner, never submerge it in water or wash it in the dishwasher and it could ultimately last a lifetime.

If you think your chef deserves more, kick your gift up a notch by giving them a personalized butcher block. Since they are made from wood, they could be personalized in several ways, such as laser engraving. The person you gift this personalized butcher block to will definitely appreciate the extra efforts you’ve poured in.

Christmas is just around the corner, make sure you get your kitchen enthusiast the butcher block board they deserve!