Withstand the Heat and Smoke your Meat

Withstand the Heat and Smoke your Meat

June 27, 2018

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Smoking meat is a process that demands a lot of patience and preparation, but every chef and butcher will tell you that the results are worth every laborious second. However, not everyone can smoke meat like a pro unless they have the knowledge and practice required. That’s why we’re here to go over the steps and help guide you through the process.

Choose the Right Smoker

First and foremost, we must note that even the best tennis player can’t bring his A-game if he doesn’t have proper equipment. The same applies to smoking your meat. However, you should choose one of the 4 types of smokers according to your needs and preferences.


Super portable and little heat fluctuation, yet parts may break and it is easy to run out of fuel.


Easy to keep a consistent temperature but it still requires energy and parts are easier to break.


Easy to maintain the temperature and the heat source is completely natural, but parts can break and it is very cost effective.


Although the flavor can’t be beat, it can be difficult to not only start the fire, but to keep it going as well.  

Choose the Right Wood

Wood smokers are, of course, our preferred type of smoker. Although not for newbies, wood smokers give the meat a unique and pure flavor. However, if you want to be a pro, you’ll have to learn the importance of both handling a smoker and choosing the proper wood for this process. For instance, Hickory and Cherry are often used for red meat, making it perfect for smoking ribs and pork. On the other hand, Maple, Pecan and Applewood are commonly used for smoking ham, poultry, beef, and even fish. Of course, different types of wood are used as well depending on the size and type of meat you’re about to smoke, so make sure you do proper research before you start the whole process.

Preparing the Meat

First and foremost, we need to talk about brining. Besides giving the meat flavor, brining keeps it from drying out. Most chefs brine the meat for around 10 to 12 hours before actually smoking it. After that, it’s essential to use the proper tools for cutting the meat, and you can’t go wrong if you pick one of our Butcher Block Boards. Finally, or should we say firstly, make sure you choose a good chunk of meat to smoke. Ribs, pork shoulders, beef briskets and bigger steak cuts are always a good option for slow cooking.


As a bonus, here are our four suggestions for smoked meat preparation - one for all major types of meat. Enjoy!

Smoked Beef Briskets  

If you’re smoking beef, briskets or ribs are the way to go. We opted for briskets and didn’t regret it. You’ll need garlic and onion powder, paprika, chili and regular pepper, as well as kosher salt for seasoning. It takes around 15 minutes to prepare everything, but the cooking time is approximately 5 hours. Hardwood is recommended, as Applewood is the suggested type of wood for this recipe, but other types such as Cherry are also acceptable.

Smoked Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are usually fried, baked or most often bought at restaurants. However, you can prepare them yourself, but you have to keep in mind several things. First, pick the right wood, such as Pecan or Hickory. Next, be patient since it takes slightly over 2 hours to prepare them. Lastly, make sure you coat the wings and leave them in the fridge for a couple of hours before finally smoking them.

Smoked Pork Shoulder

Smoked pork is often the best pork. Although not very healthy, when combined with potatoes, this dish can be the most desired meal. Although it’s prepared for slightly more than 6 hours, it is well worth the wait.

Smoked Lake Trout

Although a smoked trout is not as famous as its fellow fish salmon, it can be equally delicious. Remember, brining is almost as important as smoking itself, especially with this dish.


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