The Difference between Well-Done, Medium and Rare

The Difference between Well-Done, Medium and Rare

July 25, 2018

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Raw and cooked food have their own value in terms of nutrition. According to nutritionists, people should eat properly cooked meat to get their daily intake of protein, nutrients, zinc and iron. Following is the different ways you can prepare your meat, based on the consumer’s preferences.


Evenly cooked meat that is prepared on medium or low heat to maintain the level of nutrients in it and finish with a consistent doneness throughout your choice of meat. Well-done meat will be tougher and dryer. This is the easiest outcome to reach when cooking your meat as it can be simpler to overcook than to undercook.

Poultry should always be cooked well-done to avoid Salmonella and Campylobacter bacteria.


Medium cooked meat has a band of pink in the center of the meat. Medium is often the preferred choice of many, as it is a good combination between tenderness and juiciness.

Pork is recommended to be cooked medium to avoid symptoms of Trichinosis.


Many people love their meat doneness to be rare, or bloody as some would say. This means there is a large portion of the inside of your cut that I still red and almost raw, where only the outside layer has been cooked through. Rare done meat is often very tender and very juicy.

Beef is said to taste best when cooked rare to ensure retaining as much flavor as possible.  

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