3 Reasons Why Butcher Block are the Ideal Cutting Board for Chefs

3 Reasons Why Butcher Block are the Ideal Cutting Board for Chefs

February 25, 2019

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Butcher block cutting boards are designed in order to benefit the at-home chef. The size of this cutting board alone is impressive. Butcher blocks are produced with specific features that accommodate the operation of advanced culinary techniques. Here are three reasons why they’re the ideal cutting board for chefs, ergonomic, durability and versatility. Let’s look at butcher blocks more closely.


The average length of a chef knife is 8 inches, but they are sometimes as large as 14 inches. A larger sized knife requires more space to manoeuvre a rocking motion correctly. Not only is it advantageous to be able to rock the full length of the knife for efficiency, but it also contributes directly to the safety of its use. The larger models measure 18" x 22" x 1 ½", making it the single most ergonomic cutting board for a chef and inspiring chefs! Let’s face it, when it comes to stability and comfort the weight of the butcher block helps prevent movement and its size allows for all knife sizes.


Being manufactured from various types of hardwood, butcher blocks can naturally endure the test of time. It can be used repeatedly on a regular basis and only demonstrate minor damage to its surface. In addition, butcher blocks are available up to 1 ½” thick, making them sturdy and long-lasting. The amount of use you will get out of this cutting board versus that of other types is evident. If you want a durable cutting board, a butcher block is what you need.


A butcher block board’s size enables a variety of ingredients, that are otherwise too large for other boards, to be cut and manipulated with ease. With this amount of room, you can chop up the desired amount of ingredients required for larger recipes without them undesirably falling off the cutting board. The amount of space on this cutting board is even large enough to carve whole sized roasts, and their juice grooves will prevent messes from spilling onto your counters. A butcher block will suffice for any kitchen task needed done.

With proper care and maintenance, a butcher block can even be used for raw meat or large pieces of fish. You can literally do anything with your butcher block. In some sense, this cutting board is like having a portable counter-top. You have a seemingly unlimited amount of work space and you can pick it up and place it anywhere you need it. Think of it on your kitchen island, or maybe outside in the summer.

After everything is said and done, a butcher block is the cutting board you will need in order to perform sophisticated knife movements. Both its size and the materials from which it is made are exactly what helps it last so long and make it one of the most practical cutting boards to have. Check out our various models of butcher block boards today!