Why you Need a Butcher Block Board

Why you Need a Butcher Block Board

July 23, 2019

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If you’ve interviewed a chef, you know how interested they are in the cooking tools you can provide for them. Whether you’re a professional chef or not, you must have a cutting board as part of your kitchen equipment. Most people opt for regular-sized cutting boards, but have you ever thought about the advantages hardwood butcher block boards have over the regular-sized ones?

Differences Between Butcher Blocks and Cutting Boards

Although it may seem so, size is not the only difference between cutting boards and a butcher block. In fact, smaller cutting boards are usually suitable for slicing vegetables and fruits, while chopping off and preparing large pieces of meat usually requires a large butcher block. The weight and depth of butcher block boards enable fixation, and even though you might be an amateur chef, you won’t have pieces of meat sliding off your board and you won’t be getting in situations where the five-second rule might need to be put into play.

While the bigger hardwood board might seem a nuisance in the sense of storage space, it gives you more space to maneuver. Large pieces of meat can also be problematic to marinade and process if the board isn’t wide or long enough. However, if you plan on saving time, make sure you take your time and think about how to avoid cross-contamination.

Maintaining Butcher Block Boards

Even though we established that butcher block boards are a better choice for your kitchen and that bigger usually means better, a bigger board also requires more maintenance than a small one. First of all, you must never put your board in the dishwasher because not only will you damage the wood, it could cause it to crack and allow bacteria to penetrate the board. Also, you mustn’t leave your wet board flat to dry since it could cause warping. Instead, leave the board on the side or upright until it dries and then apply food grade mineral oil and beeswax-based conditioners.


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